Bring your family, friends, and colleagues to experience an outdoor walk-through theatrical presentation that brings to life the true story and meaning of Christmas. Thousands of travellers each year are led along the Road by character guides—making Road to Bethlehem one of Australia's biggest free Christmas events.

Bookings for the 2023 program are full.

Both online and phone ticket bookings are full. 
There will still be a number of tickets available for on-the-night collection, but not for sessions before 7:30pm.
We look forward to welcoming you along the Road very soon!
Food stalls, entertainment and our ticket booth are open from 6pm each night. Tour groups depart for their journey on the Road to Bethlehem from 7pm.

Road to Bethlehem is held at Edinburgh College, Edinburgh Road, Lilydale, Victoria. 


  • Everyone who visits Road to Bethlehem must have a ticket (including infants and children).

  • Tickets are FREE! However, we really appreciate all donations which help the annual running of this event. 

  • There will be an opportunity to give a donation near the end of your journey.

  • While tickets are free, they are valuable (and booking allocation is limited). Please do not over-book. Doing so prevents other genuine online ticket bookings from being made. 

  • Group bookings of 20 or more should be made via telephone (03) 9264 7770

  • Although every tour is wonderful, Road to Bethlehem is best seen after dark, when the lighting focuses your eyes on each scene.

  • It becomes dark just after 9pm during Road to Bethlehem week so book a tour around this time if you're able. 

  • To allow families with young children to tour before it gets too late we suggest that you choose timeslots after 8.30pm, if possible.

  • Tickets can be obtained 3 ways: ONLINE (here), by PHONE or ON-THE-NIGHT (see below)


  • The booking phone line for the 2023 Road to Bethlehem performance will be open on weekdays from:  Monday, November 20 to Friday December 1 between the hours of 9am and 5pm - unless sold out prior.  

  • No bookings are taken on Saturday or Sunday and left messages will not secure you a booking.  

  • The booking number for these dates is (03) 9264 7770 - please be patient, we do our best to manage the popularity of pre-booking tickets.  

  • Phone bookings for tickets before the event can ONLY be made when speaking to a booking clerk — not by leaving a message.  

  • No bookings will be taken prior to November 20 (two weeks before RTB begins).  

  • When all the pre-booked tickets are 'sold out' there will still be a limited number of tickets available for those who line up for tickets on the night of the performance. (See the ON-THE-NIGHT tickets section below)  

  • Tickets MUST be picked up 30 minutes before the scheduled time of your booking from the Pre-Booked Tickets line at the Ticket Booth or your tickets will be reallocated.


  • No on-the-night tickets will be available for groups before 7:30pm.
  • On the four nights of Road to Bethlehem, you can line up and obtain tickets for that evening's performance from the ticket booth on location at Road to Bethlehem Lilydale.  

  • The ticket booth opens at 6pm on each of the four performance nights, but many keen travellers arrive much earlier and the queue can become lengthy very quickly. Tickets are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis but we never turn anyone away!  

  • Only tickets for that same night's sessions can be obtained. Tickets for nights later in the week are available only on those nights.


  • Please have your TICKET ORDER CONFIRMATION EMAIL ready to show for speedy ticket pick up on the night. 

  • Tickets MUST be picked up at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time of your booking from the PRE-BOOKED TICKETS LINE, at the Ticket Booth, or your tickets will be reallocated. 

If for some reason you need to cancel your booking, we kindly ask that you please email or call 03 9264 7770.

Copyright ©2021 Road to Bethlehem, a free community service production by the Seventh-day Adventist Churches in Victoria. All Rights Reserved.
Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited.
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