Frequently Asked Questions

When and where is Road to Bethlehem?

Lilydale Melbourne performances for December 2023
• Mon 4th - 7pm to late
• Tue 5th - 7pm to late
• Wed 6th - 7pm to late
• Thu 7th - 7pm to late

Location: 33-61 Edinburgh Road, Lilydale, Victoria

Food stalls, entertainment and our ticket booth are open from 6pm each night
Tour groups depart for their journey on the Road to Bethlehem from 7pm.

How do I book tickets?

Tickets can be obtained 3 ways: ONLINE, by PHONE or ON-THE-NIGHT. Pre-booked Tickets can be ordered from two weeks before the event.
Tickets MUST be picked up at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time of your booking from the PRE-BOOKED TICKETS LINE, at the Ticket Booth, or your tickets will be reallocated.

What happens if it rains?

Road to Bethlehem continues! We've only ever closed on one occasion due to weather in all the 25+ years we've been running. The show definitely must go on! Wear comfortable shoes and bring along an umbrella or a coat if it's threatening to rain or a cold wind may be blowing.
Many visitors unnecessarily cancel their plans to visit Road to Bethlehem due to the presence of rain in the lead-up to the evening, or from the fear of rain. 
Raining now? Forecast to rain? . . . It still might not rain tonight!
Instead of canceling your planned visit, we recommend you check a weather app for a more detailed forecast. Through the wonders of technology, you can see an animation of the current rain movements over Melbourne. Often in summer rain goes over like a large ‘wave’ and there are clear skies behind the band of rain. Several times we have had rain in the day and even afternoon, and many cancelled tickets, only to have starry skies all night! If there is only small showers or short bursts of rain, definitely don’t be shy—just come along with your coats &/or umbrellas. Our fabulous volunteers will be ready and waiting to greet you upon arrival and share the story of Christmas with you!

How long does the journey take?

The Road to Bethlehem walk takes approximately 40 minutes from start to finish. Tours depart every 6 minutes starting from 7:00pm. It is an interactive drama and tour groups walk from scene to scene. Arrive early, pick up your tickets, then enjoy a range of delicious food options, free entertainment and children's activities.
Road to Bethlehem caters for all ages and encourages young families to attend. Although the path can be slightly bumpy in places, pushing a pram is still manageable.

Is it suitable for wheelchairs and prams?

Road to Bethlehem is enjoyed by people in wheelchairs every year. The road can be a bit bumpy in places. We suggest that you bring along a friend to give you a push, if required.
Prams can be taken along the journey too.

How long must I wait for my tour?

Pre-booked tickets must be picked up 30 minutes before your tour time. However, we suggest you come early, pick up your tickets and enjoy the free entertainment for all ages in the front area.
There will be free live music, stalls, and a wide variety of food and refreshments available for purchase. As for young children; there will be free crafts, face painting, and a climbing wall for the older kids. Come early and the entertainment.

What does it cost?

While everyone needs a ticket, including children and infants in prams, Road to Bethlehem is totally free for all to attend. 
You will have the opportunity to make a donation to our friendly tax collectors at the end of the walk. This program simply could not happen without the funds we receive from the public each year. Alternatively, you can donate by the link at the bottom of this page or by sending your donation to PO Box. 157, Forest Hill, VIC 3131. We Thank you in advance for any financial assistance you can offer this program.

Can we tour in our own group?

Road to Bethlehem caters for group bookings of up to 30 people in one timeslot. All booked groups will travel the Road to Bethlehem as part of a larger total group, which will include other members of the public, in their allocated time slot and will be led by guides.

Can I bring a pet?

Sorry, no pets are allowed, particularly due to the live animals which will be present in the presentation.

Is Road to Bethlehem suitable for people of all ages?

Yes! Since 1995, more than 150,000 visitors of all ages have enjoyed the Road to Bethlehem experience.

Who Produces Road to Bethlehem?

Road to Bethlehem is produced by members of the many Seventh-day Adventist Churches around Melbourne as their Christmas gift to the community. Over 400 volunteers are involved each year. Road to Bethlehem has been running in December each year since 1995.
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