Christmas will be here soon

Christmas will be here soon, with its Christmas trees, bright lights and shopping sprees! What many people forget, though, is that this celebration has a deeper meaning behind all the fun, food and family gatherings.
Join us throughout the month of December, as we look at the true meaning of Christmas in our daily short videos based on the books Advent for Kids and Advent: Hearing the Good News in the Story of Jesus’ Birth.

Meet Our Hosts

  • Kym Piez

    Kym Piez

    2021 Road to Bethlehem Host
    Kym Piez is a communicator, photographer and designer. 
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    Kym has had the honour of seeing Road to Bethlehem begin as a result of a dream two good friends had because they wanted to make a difference in their community. Kym has been host at Road to Bethlehem for many years and is passionate about living a wholehearted, purposeful, God-filled life and wants to inspire others to do the same.

    Instagram: @kympiez

    Karen Collum

    Author of Advent for Kids
    Karen is a writer, teacher and school chaplain, based on the Gold Coast, Queensland.
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    Karen is a storyteller at heart and is an award-winning, internationally published children’s author. Her books include When I Look at You, Fish Don’t Need Snorkels and Small and Big. When she is not spending time with her husband and four children, she is slowly working her way through degree in theology.

    Nathan Brown

    Nathan Brown

    Author of Advent for Kids 
    and Advent
    Nathan is writer and book editor, based near Melbourne, Australia.
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    He has degrees in law, literature, English, writing, and theology and justice. Nathan is author or editor of 16 previous books, including Of Falafels and Following Jesus, For the Least of These, Why I Try to Believe, Do Justice and Nemesis Train (a novel). He continues to write regularly for publications around the world.

  • Liz Borgas

    Liz Borgas

    Chaplain–Edinburgh College
    Liz is the primary chaplain at Edinburgh College, Lilydale.
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    With 20 years of experience as a registered nurse, Liz now put those skills to use as the student health and wellbeing officer and primary chaplain at Edinburgh College. Liz has been blessed with 3 beautiful children and a loving and dedicated husband. She has often played the part of Inn Keepers Wife during the live Road to Bethlehem events.
    Joshua Stadnik

    Joshua Stadnik

    Intern pastor at Dandenong Polish SDA Church
    Josh Stadnik is a pastor, avid reader, self-confessed Star Wars nerd and Lego lover.
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     He spent his teenage years going to Road to Bethlehem with family and friends, making it one of his favourite Christmas traditions. Josh is excited to be part of the Road to Bethlehem team for the first time this year. Nothing makes him more happy than seeing people’s lives change for the better through the love of Jesus.

    Andrew and Lorraine Wegener

    Andrew and Lorraine Wegener

    Wegs Wildlife
    The husband and wife wildlife explorers team
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    Andrew Wegener has been sharing his love for animals with school children for many years.
    He also loves to photograph the animals he sees on his travels.
    He and his wife, Lorraine are sharing some of their wildlife encounters: the Amazing, the Beautiful and the Funny on their Wegs Wildlife Youtube channel.
    They plan to share more as they enter into the adventure that is retirement.

    Wildlife Wanderings
  • David Edgren

    David Edgren

    Storyteller and Writer
    Dave’s been telling and writing stories for as long as he can remember.
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    David loves God, people, nature and stories. He attends the Lilydale Adventist Church at the end of Hull Road because they let him tell stories. You can discover more about his blog, youtube and storytelling resources on his website.

    Karen Horsley

    Karen Horsley

    2015–2020 Road to Bethlehem leader
    Karen is part of the chaplaincy team at Nunawading Christian College.
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    Karen is a full-time teacher, counsellor and chaplain, a job she thoroughly enjoys as leading children to know Jesus is one awesome way to earn a living. 
    She has loved Road to Bethlehem since her first walkthrough in 2009 and for the past 5 years, Karen was privileged to chair the Steering Committee for Road to Bethlehem.
    Jamie Stanley

    Jamie Stanley

    Chaplain–Edinburgh College
    Jamie is a Chaplain for high school students at Edinburgh College, Lilydale.
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    Jamie loves to share the heart of Christianity and enjoys reading the works of CS Lewis. Jamie has enjoyed playing the role of Joseph in previous Road to Bethlehem events and loves to see the community coming together to celebrate this amazing gospel story.

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