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Welcome on the Road to Bethlehem

Millions from all walks of life and all cultures have made the journey to discover the greatest gift ever given to our world—Christ Jesus, the Son of God. And those who found Him and accepted Him as Lord and Saviour are changed in the experience—changed for the better.

Our prayer is that this Christmas season will bring that same wonder and joy to you as you "virtually" walk the Road to Bethlehem with us.

Do Not Fear

Meeting an angel and being told you will be the mother of the long-awaited Messiah would be a very daunting and fearful event. Fear was a common reaction to this wonderful news, but the angelic messengers were always quick to reassure their charges to “Don’t be afraid”. This became one of the recurring themes in the life and teaching of Jesus.
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“Are we there yet?”

It is a long journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem, good thing we have packed some travelling games for the kids (adults may enjoy them too).
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Sence of a Census

The Bible tells us that Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken. Do we have historical records that this event happened?
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Ancient Prophecies

The wise men studied ancient prophecies that lead them to the newborn king. Are there ancient Roman and Jewish documents that support the Biblical claims about Jesus? Discover more in “Mysteries Unearthed” our free documentary series on the trust worthiness of holy scriptures.
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Digging up the Past

Herod the Great ruled for 33 years and was an excellent administrator. But he is most famous for his paranoia about conspiracies and plots to overthrow him as king. This lead him to murder countless rivals, including his mother-in-law, a wife three of his sons and his massacre of babies in Bethlehem. Discover more about the history of Israel in this free "Digging up the Past" online course.
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The Ultimate Gift

The Magi bought gifts to baby Jesus, there was gold, a symbol of kingship, frankincense (an incense) a symbol of deity, and myrrh (an embalming oil) a symbol of death. Strange presents for a baby. With all the gift-giving this season what is the most perfect present to give?
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What is a Messiah

Angels told shepherds the Saviour had been born, “He is the Messiah,” they said. Who or what is a Messiah? Discover who is Jesus in this special three-part series "He Is The One", premiering online December 15.
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It's all about the hospitality

Bethlehem was full, all the guest rooms were full but the typical house of that day consisted of an area near the door, often with a dirt floor, where the family’s animals and their feed trough (manger) were kept at night). It was possibly in this private area of a home that Mary delivered baby Jesus, laying him in the feeding trough that was there.

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