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Dear Jesus, thank you for dying on the cross and saving us from our sins.



May God continue His work in humanity despite the uncertainty, you came and gave us Hope 
Praise God RTB family, this was awesome and so professionally done under COVID restrictions May this bless and inspire others to fall in love with Jesus 😍 Thankyou 

I pray that God would answer our prayers that we could conceive a baby and be in good health. 

I pray for my beautiful family living or in heaven. I pray for my friends. May my loved ones stay safe and well.


Thank you for your redemption that you freely give. Help me prioritise my life so you are ALWAYS first. Never let go of my children as the grow up and begin to make choices for themselves



Thank you God for looking after us in this wacky 2020 year.

Thank you for RTB! Thanks for continuing to use the angel song 🙂

Dear Jesus, 
look after my family and friends this coming year.



i pray for my wife and my babies and also especially for the people who have no one to prayer for them, people who are suffering. Thank you for all the blessings we have. I also pray for you and all the burdens of this world that you carry. Thank you Jesus.

This was beautiful guys. You guys have gone above and beyond. God bless and stay safe. 


For God to save my son from Satan as he fights drug addiction

Thank you God for giving us the gift of your son dying on the cross. Please help COVID-19 to stop.

Amen, Hudson 7y.o

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