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Thank you team at Road to Bethlehem for this wonderful production especially as there are very few Christmas events in Melbourne.

Great to see the modern re-telling of the Christmas story and that the event is broadcast virtually rather than completely cancelled.

May people in Melbourne, Victoria and all Australia see Jesus as baby in the manger and on the cross as King and turn their hearts to HIM.

May more people come to acknowledge HIM and receive salvation so we may see some positive transformation in our world, til His Kingdom comes.


In Jesus name, pray for my family to be kept together. Thank you.

Pray for Andrea

Thank you God for sending your son to show us your love for us.  Now He is Home and until we meet again may we always love and honour our Lord Jesus Christ.  Amen. 

For God to save my son from Satan as he fights drug addiction

Lord Jesus, my Saviour and Father... thank you for your everlasting love, for your patience and forgiveness. Lord, I know that you will finish the work that you’ve started in our lives. I honour you and declare you are Lord of all. My precious Prince of peace 🙏🏻 I love you God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Please pray for me about my work. My manager kept annoying me and  unfairly treating me.


Please pray that we both lose weight, get fit and healthy again.

We are 69 and 73. Due to covid then illness have got overweight and in a rut, which we need to get out of. Thank you

From I and J 

Mark* sent goodbye videos to his friends and then disappeared. Mark left home to go commit suicide. I don't know where he was going or where they found him. I just know he was miles from home. Find him they did and before it was too late. Since then Mark spent time in hospital pending a psychiatric assessment. His family have asked for prayer for Mark that he will get free of the deep depression and Covid 19 lockdown and come out the other side walking with God and in His strength so that the feeling doesn't consume him again. Please pray.
(*Not real name to protect privacy)

Please pray for my mum who has been unwell for months. Pray that god places his hands in her and heals her for good. 
thank you

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Road to Bethlehem is produced by members of the many Seventh-day Adventist Churches around Australia as their Christmas gift to the community. Over 400 volunteers are involved each year. Road to Bethlehem has been running in December each year since 1995. To learn more about the Seventh-day Adventist Church or to contact your local church visit adventistchurch.com
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